60-Years-IconWhen our classmate, Captain George Russell “Russ” Waterman, USN (ret), a highly decorated diesel submariner, passed a way several years ago. his family wanted to have a special memorial service for him. Of his many military accolades, honors and awards, they knew how much Russ above all treasured his submariner’s Dolphins and his USNA ‘62 Class Crest: images he felt best “told his story.” The Waterman Family wanted those two insignia engraved on his burial urn in time for his memorial service. The funeral home could accommodate their request if they could supply the funeral home’s engraver with digital vector art renderings of the two insignia.

Russ’s family had never heard of “vector art,” and they were at a loss as to where it could be obtained. In their desperate search the family happened to contact Ken Wheeler ‘62, at Impressions, LLC, having seen his ad in Shipmate for the Class Crest Collection. From his extensive digital art library of USNA class crests and military insignia, Ken was able to supply the requested vector images to the engraver at no cost to Russ’s family. The engraving was beautifully accomplished in time for the memorial service. The Lamp of Memory thereby burned ever more brightly for Russ Waterman in the hearts of the loved ones he left behind.

When our classmate, Admiral Sir Leighton “Snuffy” Smith, learned of Russ’s demise and the events leading up to his memorial service, he related the story in an article entitled “Lamp of Memory” that was published in the December 2020, issue of Shipmate. A copy of his article is available on the  under “Memorial Display.”

No one wants to be forgotten when they depart this mortal coil. We all hope those we loved, those with whom we shared our life, those we mentored, those to whom we gave selflessly and from whom we accepted love and faith and trust will remember us. Russ most certainly will be remembered. The special images he shared with his loved ones will long “fuel the lamp of memory” in them for him. And knowing he would not soon be forgotten no doubt gave Russ a measure of comfort as well.

As we, the members of the great Class of 1962, celebrate our 60th Reunion, Impressions, LLC, sponsor of the Class Crest Collection is offering to custom design MilitaryTribute/Memorial Easel Panels for members of the Class.

Available in a choice of two sizes (6″ x 6″ or 8″ x 8″) and sublimated in brilliant color, these easel panels can adorn a desk or bookshelf to be enjoyed now, and someday be displayed at a memorial service or celebration of life.

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