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Gifts & Mementos for Naval Academy Graduates

In a military culture there are many insignia. Aside from rank, rates, commendation medals and skill badges, every ship, squadron, unit, command, etc. boasts an image that is revered and worn proudly by its members. However, of all these images none are more enduring or more  meaningful to the wearer than a military service academy class crest.

Like the heraldic arms displayed on a medieval knight’s shield, the class crest reflects the unique life-long bond that links the academy graduate to his or her classmates. It represents a closed fraternity, one that over time will only get smaller. A visitor to Alumni Hall at the Naval Academy can not help but be struck by the sense of pride, to say nothing of the history, reflected in the magnificent display of class crests that adorn the walls.

As a member of the Naval Academy Class of 1962, I understand the deep personal significance of my class crest. This, in turn, inspired me to combine my love of the graphic arts with an appreciation for the history and esprit de corp reflected in the class crests adopted by each USNA graduating class.

For the last 11 years, Impressions, LLC, in Winter Park, Florida, has been imprinting and engraving USNA class crests on glass, crystal and stone barware, desk accessories, paper products and gift items. Each item is tastefully hand engraved or imprinted to capture, to the greatest extent possible, the exquisite detail of each class crest. In our library we have class crests for almost every USNA class since 1907. We are proud to be an endorsed vendor for the U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.

We are now pleased to announce our new color technology. In addition to engraving and imprinting, we can now sublimate gold or full-color class crests on plastic glass, ceramic, stone, wood, metal and fabric items. Check out these new items under Colored Crest Gifts.

Welcome to the Class Crest Collection.

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