Fueling The Lamp Of Memory

Over their careers, military service members may wear many insignia to reflect their service, rank, accomplishments, and the unique images of the various units (commands, squadrons, ships, etc.) in/on which they serve.

For many USNA graduates, the images for which they are most proud (and by which they would like to be remembered) are their Naval Academy class crest and the “skill badge(s)” (wings, dolphins, etc.) they’ve earned. These images often find their way into a service member’s “military- tribute” shadow box or wall display. And when a grad passes, these special images can become a memorial remembrance to “fuel the Lamp of Memory” for their family.

Impressions, LLC (sponsor of the Class Crest Collection website) can reproduce these images in a variety of displays for a grad or for a deceased grad’s family.

The sample displays pictured in this category in most cases are printed in full color on aluminum panels. They can be customized to combine color images and text (if desired) to reflect the highlights of a grad’s military career.

These aluminum panels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be inserted in a shadow box, mounted on a wood plaque, framed using a conventional picture frame, displayed using a conventional easel or an adjustable easel attachment.

Military Tribute–Memorial displays are individually produced on a “custom designed” basis. Custom art charges may apply.

In the Military, Images Tell a Story

Please contact Ken Wheeler (USNA ‘62) at coachwheel@embarqmail.com for more information and a price quote.

Impressions, LLC, can also provide special art of a deceased grad’s USNA class crest and most skill-badge images to funeral homes for them to use to engrave these images on a deceased grad’s burial urn or headstone.

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